Thursday, 17th August 2017 at 12:00 PM


I am writing to testify that God’s healing presence visited my home while I was watching your T.V. program, Healing Presence Today. I was having a severe pain in my knee which had lingered for a while, my new born baby whom I was carrying on my laps had respiratory problems and my other child had fever. During the telecast you mentioned my case – that a woman who had a knee problem had just been healed and you went ahead to say I was carrying my baby on my laps and God had also healed her and also talked about my other child. We were all healed. I knew I was supposed to testify about what God had done for me but somehow I didn’t and the pain in the knee started to comeback but after I sent in my testimony the pain disappeared and my doctor has also confirmed the healing. Glory to God!

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