Thursday, 17th August 2017 at 12:08 PM


I was at the NYSC camp in Benue when I had an Injury on my knee cap, because of the injury I had to come back home to Port Harcourt, and was taken to the hospital, when we got there an X- Ray was done and it was discovered that my knee cap had shifted from it position. They put a POP (Plaster of Paris) on my knee and gave me crutches to use until my knee would heal completely. It bothered me and my family so much because the pains were so much and my wedding introduction was just a few weeks away. After a while my knee was swollen and became very painful, one Thursday night I was watching Healing Presence Today, the man of God was calling out cases concerning many people, and I was just saying “Amen” on their behalf, then I heard him call out my case, describing my pains and what I was wearing, I was in my fathers’ room at the time with my mother. Immediately I heard my case, my mum and I said “Amen” and that was it, my healing took place right there. Before the Pastor mentioned my case, I could not even place my leg properly on the ground, but immediately He did, I could walk comfortably without the crutches and from that day till now I have not experienced any pains in my knee, I give God all the Glory, this is so awesome!

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