Thursday, 17th August 2017 at 12:07 PM


Pastor, I had a very fatal accident, it was so bad that out of 12 people only five of us survived. I was rushed to the hospital barely alive where I spent over a year, because of one of my legs, all this time, the doctors were watching my leg to see if it would heal, but it got worse and they decided to amputate my leg, but a night before the operation, I was watching Healing Presence Today and while the pastor was praying, I stretched forth my faith for a healing in my leg, immediately after the prayers, my leg which was now dead (I could not feel anything on the leg) started to itch me, it continued all night until the next morning. When the doctors came to take me for the operation, I was weeping because I didn’t want my leg to be cut. I was given anesthesia before we went into the theater so I slept off, when I woke up, I was surprised to find my leg intact, it was such a shock! One of the doctors came to meet me and asked me what I did, because they had seen a 100 percent sign of the dead leg come alive. Praise God!

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